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Project Chambers Alumni


Andrew Pickford

Transport Technology Consultants

Chartered Engineer and technical advisor / practitioner in a smart mobility, electronic fee collection, autonomous vehicles and infratech I Fellow of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineer, and of the Institute of Engineering & Technology I Council member of ITS Hong Kong I Former Road User Charging Interest Group Chair - ITS (UK) I Founder / executive member of start-ups in vehicle telematics and mobile positioning

Fiona Waters.png

Fiona Water

Waters Economics

MD of Hong Kong-based economics and urban development consultancy. Clients include government and public agencies, corporates, international development banks and NGOs. Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Hong Kong, Department of Urban Planning and Design. A Plastic Ocean Foundation board member

Dr Jon Sparks


Group Managing Director (Asia) I Emerge provides technology infrastructure services in 13 countries I Build and operate: networks, data centres, help desks, global video conferencing, in-house video/ Webex production, virtual and physical IT cafes I 24/7 global IT support for remote databases, wifi and infrastructure networks

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