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Project Chambers hosts a monthly lunch event for members and their guests, at which a guest speaker addresses matters of importance in the context of the future direction of Hong Kong from an economic, social and sustainable development perspective.




While meetings are held under Chatham House Rules, some speakers are happy to share their presentations. We consider that the information presented should be of interest to a broader audience and, with the permission of the speakers, provide it here.

April 2024


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David Dodwell

March 2024

China Housing Markets - Beyond The Downturn

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Robert Ciemniak

February 2024

From City Airport to Airport City

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Ms. Vivian Cheung, Chief Operation Officer

January 2024

Northern Metropolis Action Agenda

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Mr. Vic Yau

December 2023

AI Friend or Foe, and Should We Be Woried?

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Mr. David Lomax

November 2023

Chef Executive's Policy Unit

View presentation.jpg

Dr. Stephen Yuen-Shan Wong, Head of Chief Executive's Policy Units (CEPU)

October 2023

Hong Kong's Climate Plan 2050

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Dr Kenneth Leung, Principal Assistant Secretary (Air Policy)

September 2023

Citybus: Redefining Standards of Public Transport

View presentation.jpg

Mr. Adam Leishman, CEO of Bravo Holdings

June 2023

Sustainable Construction

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Ms. Emma Harvey, Group Sustainability and CSR Manager Gammon Construction Limited

May 2023

Hong Kong Jockey Club

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Mr. Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges GBS JP CEO of The Hong Kong Jockey Club

April 2023

Housing for Millions

View presentation.jpg

Ms Winnie Wing-Yin Ho, JP. The Secretary for Housing

March 2023

Countryside Conservation in Hong Kong

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Prof. Stephen Tang, BBS Head of Countryside Conservation Office

February 2023

A Circular Economy Solution to Transform Plastic Waste into Sustainable Concrete

View presentation.jpg

Mr Shervin Sharghy, CEO & Founder, EcoBricks

January 2023

West Kowloon Cultural District

View presentation.jpg

Ms. Wendy GAN, Kim See, Deputy Chief Executive officer (District Development) Authority's Representative of Commercial Letting Panel

December, 2022

From Knowing, to Caring, to Action

View presentation.jpg

Dr Ying Ying Liu, Founder and Director of LumiVoice

November 2022

The Art Design of Hong Kong MTR Corporation Ltd

View presentation.jpg

Mr. Andrew Mead, Head of Architecture, MTR

October 2022

Hong Kong Major Projects Now and Tomorrow

View presentation.jpg

Professor Christine Loh Kung-Wai, Chief Development Strategist at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

September 2022

Hong Kong Net Zero - Reality, Risk & Opportunities for HK infrastructure

View presentation.jpg

Mr. Piers Touzel, Business Unit Managing Partner, Central EA

August 2022

Future of Construction!

View presentation.jpg

Mr. Thomas Ho, Chairman of the Construction Industry Council

December 2021

Looking Back on 50 Years in the Musical Entertainment Industry in China

View presentation.jpg

Mr Andrew Bull, Musical Impresario and International Concert Producer

November 2021

Key Takeaways from the Policy Address: Northern Metropolis and More

View presentation.jpg

Mr Ryan Ip, Head of Land and Housing Research, Our Hong Kong Foundation

October 2021

Sustainable Rural Revitalisation: The Case of Lai Chi Wo

View presentation.jpg

Dr Winnie Law, Deputy Director and Principal Lecturer, Centre for Civil Society and Governance, University of Hong Kong

September 2021

The Aesthetic Design of Bridges

View presentation.jpg

Mr Naeem Hussain, Global Bridge Design Leader, Arup

August 2021

Textile: Techstyle

View presentation.jpg

Mr Ray Zee, Chief Designer / General Manager, Nan Fung Group

July 2021

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: What It Is and What It’s Not

View presentation.jpg

Mr Sam Farrands, Head of Projects, King & Wood Mallesons

June 2021

MTR New Projects: Opportunities and Challenges

View presentation.jpg

Mr Roger Bayliss, Capital Works Director, MTR Corporation

May 2021

Solid Waste Management Policy and Infrastructure in Hong Kong: Past, Present and Future

View presentation.jpg

Mr Alexi Bhanja, Managing Director, SMEC

April 2021

HK and GBA Property Market Insights

View presentation.jpg

Mr Martin Wong, Head of Research, Knight Frank

March 2021

New Narratives for Old Neighbourhoods: Community Mapping as a Tool for Planning and Placemaking

View presentation.jpg

Dr Ester van Steekelenburg, Founder, Urban Discovery

November 2020

Recycling in Hong Kong – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

View presentation.jpg

Mr Nigel Mattravers, Director, Alba Integrated Waste Solutions

October 2020

The Development of Green Buildings in Hong Kong

View presentation.jpg

Mr Cheung Hau Wai, Chairman, Hong Kong Green Building Council

June 2020

Are We Seeing Real Advancement in DfMA, Automation and Digitalisation?

View presentation.jpg

Mr Thomas Ho, CEO, Gammon Construction

March 2020

Energy & Climate: A Power Utility Perspective

View presentation.jpg

Dr Jeanne Ng, Director, CLP Research Institute

February 2020

Vision of Universal Affordable Housing in Hong Kong

View presentation.jpg

Mr Ryan Ip, Head of Land and Housing Research, Our Hong Kong Foundation

January 2020

Biophilic Landscape Design

View presentation.jpg

Mr Sandy Duggie, Managing Director, Urbis

December 2019

Here and Not Now

View presentation.jpg

Mr Colin Jesse, Managing Director, Lappord

November 2019

We Don't Have a Housing Problem and We Do Have Enough Land

View presentation.jpg

Mr Ian Brownlee, Managing Director, Masterplan

October 2019

West Kowloon Cultural Centre

View presentation.jpg

Mr Jeremy Stowe, Head of Construction Project Management, West Kowloon Cultural District

September 2019

Social and Economic Impacts of Current Protests

View presentation.jpg

Mr David Dodwell, Executive Director of Hong Kong–APEC Trade Policy Study Group

June 2019

The 20-Minute City

View presentation.jpg

Mr Andrew Ness, Senior Consultant, Colliers International

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