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Project Chambers hosts a monthly lunch event for members and their guests, at which a guest speaker addresses matters of importance in the context of the future direction of Hong Kong from an economic, social and sustainable development perspective.


While the meetings are held under “Chatham House Rules”, some speakers are happy to share their presentations. We consider that the work presented should be of interest to a broader audience and, with the permission of the speakers, provide them here:

Energy & Climate: A Power Utility Perspective 


Date: Mar 2020

Speaker: Dr Jeanne Ng, Director, CLP Research Institute

No presentation

Biophilic Landscape Design 


Date: Jan 2020

Speaker: Sandy Duggie, Managing Director, Urbis Ltd.

No presentation

Vision of Universal Affordable Housing in Hong Kong


Date: Feb 2020

Speaker: Mr Ryan Ip, Head of Land and Housing Research,      Our Hong Kong Foundation


Here and Not Now


Date: Dec 2019

Speaker: Mr Colin Jesse, Managing Director, Lappord Limited

No presentation

We don't have a HOUSING problem

and we do have enough land


Date: Nov 2019

Speaker: Mr Ian Brownlee, Managing Director, Masterplan Ltd

Topic to be advised 


Date: Sep 2019

Speaker: David Dodwell

No presentation

New Vision for Deep Bay Wetlands


Date: May 2019

Speaker: Mr Michael Lau

No presentation

West Kowloon Cultural Centre 


Date: Oct 2019

Speaker: Mr Jeremy Stowe

No presentation

The Twenty Minute City


Date: Jun 2019

Speaker: Mr Andrew Ness

No presentation

Key Priorities and challenges that face the Administration in land supply 

Date: Apr 2019

Speaker: Mr Bernard Charnwut Chan

No presentation

Uses and Abuses of Judicial Review


Date: Mar 2019

Speaker: Mr Philip J Dykes QC

No presentation

Construction 2.0 - A new Dawn or more of the same?


Date: Jan 2019

Speaker: Mr Steve Root

No presentation

How Smart is Your City?


Date: Nov 2017

Speaker: Dr Anne F Kerr, Global Head, Cities, Mott MacDonald

Task Force on Land Supply


Date: Feb 2019

Speaker: Mr Stanley Wong

No presentation

Understanding LGBTI Rights: The Need for Business to Embrace Diversity


Date: Jan 2018

Speaker: Mr Michael Vidler, Principal, Vidler & Co. Solicitors

Overcoming Urban Renewal Challenges


Date: Feb 2017

Speaker: Mr Wai Chi Sing GBS JP FHKEng, Managing Director, Urban Renewal Authority

Taikoo Place Redevelopment


Date: Nov 2016

Speaker: Mr Tim Blackburn, General Manager, Development & Valuations, Swire Properties

Innovation - Disruptors & Enablers


Date: May 2016

Speaker: Mr Edge Zarrella, Clients and Innovation Partner, KPMG China

Central Police Station Revitalisation


Date: Mar 2016

Speaker: Mr Euan Upston, Director, Central Police Station

Strategic Developments in Transport


Date: Jun 2016

Speaker: Prof Anthony Cheung, Secretary for Transport and Housing

Land Supply in Hong Kong


Date: Apr 2016

Speaker: Mr Paul Chan Mo-po MH JP, Secretary for Development

West Kowloon - Powering Ahead


Date: Feb 2016

Speaker: Mr Duncan Pescod, Chief Executive Officer, West Kowloon Cultural District Authority

Policy Address - Environment Bureau


Date: Jan 2016

Speaker: Mr KS Wong, JP, Secretary for the Environment

Post-Hand over Hong Kong: funny, dodgy and deadly stories I have covered since 1997


Date: Dec 2014

Speaker: Mr Alex Lo

No presentation

Asian Cities : The Conflicts and Co-ordinates 


Date: Oct 2014

Speaker: Mr Peter Cookson Smith

 No presentation

Rethinking Buses for the Public and the Environment


Date: Jan 2015

Speaker: Mr Evan Auyang

No presentation

The Hong Kong Maritime Museum


Date: Nov 2014

Speaker: Ms Caroline Leung

No presentation

Proposal to Pedestrianise Des Voeux Road Central


Date: Sep 2014

Speaker: Mr Ian Brownlee & Mr Zhi Ning & Mr Chapman Lam

 No presentation

Economic and Community Development – the case for Lantau


Date: Jun 2014

Speaker: Allan Ha

 No presentation

The Convention on Biological Diversity and how it can improve governance and decision making in HK.

Date: Apr 2014

Speaker: Mr Ruy Barretto

 No presentation

The Greening of Asia: A Business Case for Optimism

 Date: Feb 2014

Speaker: Mr Mark Clifford

 No presentation

Tales from a Tigress: Planning Hong Kong's Transport Infrastructure


Date: May 2014

Speaker: Ms Rachel Cartland

 No presentation

Poverty in the Midst of Affluence: How Hong Kong Mismanaged its Prosperity


Date: Mar 2014

Speaker: Mr Leo Goodstadt

 No presentation

Ocean Park – The Journey; The Destination; The Future


Date: Jan 2014

Speaker: Mr Tom Mehrmann

 No presentation

Asia's Infrastructure Challenges

Date: Nov 2013

Speaker: Mr Anthony Nightingale

No presentation

The Future of PPPs



Date: May 2010

Speaker: Mr Sam Farrands

Railway Development between Hong Kong & PRD

Date: Jun 2009

Speaker: Mr Russell Black

Transforming our Built Environment

Date: Jan 2013

Speaker: Ir Conrad Wong

Electric Cars in Hong Kong


Date: Jul 2009

Speaker: Mr Geoffrey Chen and Mr Robert Footman

Hong Kong - Zuhai - Macao Bridge

and Related Infrastructure Projects within Hong Kong

Date: Nov 2008

Speaker: Mr Albert Cheng

From Construction to Civic Engagement 


Date: Apr 2008

Speaker: Prof Joseph C W Chan

Sustainable Development of Hong Kong



Date: Jun 2007

Speaker: Ir. Otto Poon

No presentation

Olympic Equestrian Event in Hong Kong



Date: Apr 2007

Speaker: Mr Lam Woon-Kwong

No presentation

A Presentation

              ... A Dialogue

Date: Feb 2008

Speaker: Mr Bryan Curtis

Do we really want clean air?

The present - and future indicatives

Date: May 2007

Speaker: Prof Anthony J Hedley & Ms Sarah M McGhee

The Mantra of Waterfront Development is often “build it and they will come”, but that is not the case.


Date: Mar 2007

Speaker: Ms Wendy Gan

No presentation

Sustaining Macao's Heritage



Date: Feb 2007

Speaker: Ms Marie Imelda MacLeod

No presentation

Property Market in China


Date: Jan 2007

Speaker: Mr Mike Wong

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